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“A dangerous attack on local democracy”

Like many councillors, I am receiving a lot of emails this week from people concerned about leaked government plans to strip councils of their right to vote against fracking applications in their area. You can read about the leaked proposals in The Telegraph. This is how I am responding:

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Oil drilling at Horse Hill one stop closer

Oil company Horse Hill Developments Ltd (HHDL) has been issued with the mining waste variation permit that they applied for in May.  This enables them to carry out ‘flow testing’ to assess to the potential flow of oil from different layers underground. The company is planning to test both the Portland sandstone, which can yield conventional oil, […]

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Surrey County Council urged to divest from anti-social investments

Greens have accused Surrey County Council of hypocrisy over its investments in tobacco firms – and urged it to divest from tobacco, fossil fuels and other damaging industries. A Surrey Mirror investigation has revealed that Surrey County Council owns £15m of shares in five tobacco firms as part of its pension fund portfolio.

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Election report

We are disappointed to have lost a Council seat in last week’s election. There are now two Green Councillors in Redhill East, joined by Conservative Richard Coad. We congratulate Richard on his victory and hope to develop a good working relationship with him to give the best service to our residents.

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“Ugly and scandalous”: Surrey Tories award themselves big pay rises

Surrey’s Tory county councillors have been widely condemned – and lambasted in Private Eye magazine – for awarding themselves whopping pay rises, in a year when they have to make £72m cuts. Take action: Sign a petition asking leading councillors to return the massive unacceptable pay rises. At its 6 May meeting, the County Council considered the […]

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Landfill operator had “not used appropriate measures to prevent…the odour” – Environment Agency

We have received a lot of calls, emails and tweets over the last week or so about the smell from the Redhill landfill site. Smells do occur from the site year round, but the stink has been extraordinary recently, with reports from Earlswood and Reigate, and even from people on passing trains. As always, our […]

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What does the council spend our money on?

If that is a question you sometimes find yourself asking, you will soon have a chance to find out. Every year, Reigate & Banstead Borough Council opens its accounts for public inspection. This year the inspection period runs from this Friday (9 August) to Friday 6 September. The accounts can be viewed at Reigate Town […]

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Fighting the Bedroom Tax

We are helping to organise a public meeting to discuss the Bedroom Tax and other benefit changes in the Harlequin on Friday 22 March at 7.30pm (details in this flyer). You have probably heard of the Bedroom Tax. It’s been in the news quite a bit recently. The Government is targeting what it calls “under-occupation”. […]

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Redhill primary school – why the delays?

Cllr Jonathan Essex and I attended an extraordinary meeting at the town hall on Monday. The meeting was to discuss the site of the much needed primary school to the north of Redhill. This school has been much needed for years of course, ever since work began on building the Park 25 and Water Colour […]

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Cutting council tax support – simply unnecessary

Tory Councillors showed their true colours at last week’s Council meeting by voting for a cut that will hit poor people hardest – even though they didn’t need to.  And they were so keen to do so that they banged their desks with excitement. On the table were proposed cuts to Council Tax support. Council […]

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