Three green things to keep you entertained this lockdown season

1. Hope for the Future’s Webinar Series

The webinar series from Hope for the Future brings together the views of environmental, climate, health and social experts on the impacts of COVID-19. The series covers how we can move forward with an environmental perspective; the role of UK politicians in recovering from the crisis; and the alternatives to COP26 climate talks following its postponement. It encourages interaction from those participating and provides a space where your questions can be answered by experts. The live shows are free to participate in and will continue through to July.

The series is available live on If you cannot make the live broadcast, it is recorded and available on their YouTube channel:

2. Birkbeck’s Big Ideas: Refugee Week by Kumari Lane

Climate Change Refugees in Somali. Source:

The Big Ideas series is a set of free lectures designed to broaden your understanding on a wide range of topics. On the 19th June, associate lecturer in law at Birbeck, University of London and local Green Party member Kumari Lane will be giving a lecture on the links between colonialism, industrialisation, climate change and forced migration. Her research into Climate Change Refugees and Refugee Law will provide valuable insight into an understated, yet deeply important topic. Following the lecture there will be an opportunity for a Q&A with Ms Lane. Not one to miss out on!

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3.  A Message From the Future – a short film narrated by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez


This colourful message from our neighbours across the pond depicts a vision of the future of the world we can live in if environmental issues are placed at the forefront of the political agenda through the Green New Deal. If you’re feeling defeated by COVID and the climate, this video is a good way to reignite that fire and help see brighter future. Give it a watch and let us know what you think!


Watch here


A message from the admin: If you have any suggestions that you think would make good additions to this list please let us know! Comment below with any green books/articles/webinars/videos or anything else you’ve found interesting and we will get them posted!

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