Surrey Greens call for waste disposal charges to be dropped

Green county councillor Jonathan Essex has repeated his call for Surrey County Council to scrap its unpopular charges for disposal of waste at Community Recycling Centres.

This follows a meeting at County Hall where a petition signed by more than 7,000 people calling for the charges to be scrapped was discussed with the Cabinet Member for Environment and Highways.

The Chief Executive of Keep Britain Tidy had previously commented on the charges: “It’s got to be easy for people to do the right thing otherwise we will see an increase in fly-tipping”.

Cllr Essex said today:

“These fees are counter productive and risk costing the County Council more in the long run if people are dissuaded from maximising how much they reuse and recycle.

“The introduction of these charges has led to fewer people visiting the Community Recycling Centres as they are unwilling to pay the fees and thus the County Council is failing to meet its £1.5m income target, which will lead to further budget cuts elsewhere.

“This is a total false economy, which is why I am calling for the County Council to save money on waste disposal by making it easier for residents to recycle more instead”.


Waste disposal to landfill and incineration costs Surrey County Council an average of ‎£110 per tonne.

The income from recycling (and reuse) is far higher when materials are carefully sorted, such as into separate paper, glass, plastics, food, wood and metal waste streams.

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