Redhill’s new road layout: less congestion now, more in the future?

Many residents have contacted us with concerns about the new road layout in Redhill.

I welcome the improved facilities for walking, cycling and buses. But welcome as they are, these weren’t the reason for the change from one-way to two-way traffic. That was done to avoid complete gridlock resulting from the quadrupling of supermarket capacity and the other new shops and flats planned in Redhill town centre.

The new layout was designed to make the traffic flow better with the volume we have now – but even the traffic consultants who modelled the scheme for Surrey predicted the congestion will worsen once the planned developments materialise.

The new exit and entry points for Waitrose, Sainsbury’s, the Liquid and Envy flats and the new entry into Marketfield Way will all have an impact on traffic flows. We opposed the proposal to triple the size of Sainsbury’s partly because of its traffic impact. So, we have asked for this modelling to be checked, as if it doesn’t work as modelled now it is hard to see how this new system has the capacity to take even more traffic in future.

To prevent worse traffic congestion, we need to make better use of buses. I voted against the County Council budget as it proposed £10m less for buses and £15m more for road building – an approach that won’t help Redhill. And I have frequently called for improvements to our bus station – which was meant to be temporary but which we’re now stuck with.

As a result of surveying the new town centre traffic system with the local pedestrian forum we have raised many points with Surrey County Council, from rogue kerbs to mysteriously vanishing cycle paths. I have also got a commitment from Surrey to commission SeeAbility to survey how user-friendly the town centre is for visually impaired residents and visitors. We have asked for a proper safety survey to ensure that the new layout is working as intended and is safer for pedestrians, cyclists and road users.

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