Housing on Redhill and Reigate’s Green Belt?

You may have heard about plans to build 700 new homes east of Redhill and then a further 700 south west of Reigate/Woodhatch – both on the Green Belt – as well as 200 more on greenfield land on the outskirts of Horley.

Firstly, I want to clarify that this is not a specific planning application but part of our Council’s Core Strategy – plans for what to build over the next 15 years. And these housing numbers need to be approved by a government inspector as sufficient to local housing need as defined by the housing market – read why here.

We need to have a Core Strategy, so developers are not able to build on the Green Belt just anywhere.

But we think that the plans to build on the Green Belt should be challenged in principle. We don’t agree with the national government’s plans for urban sprawl across Green Belt and greenfield land – not here, not across Surrey, not elsewhere in the South East.  If we accept the idea of urban extensions into the Green Belt now, then the 70% of our borough that is Green Belt could be eroded in the decades to come.

That is why we are hosting an open public meeting to discuss this on Monday 21 January 2012 from 8pm in the meeting room adjacent to the Toby Carvery. Please join us and bring your friends.


The Consultation: ends 4th February

The revised Core Strategy (the planning document in which these plans are contained) is on the council’s website, and has a consultation deadline of 4th February.

The evidence report on ‘sustainable urban extensions’ (Green Belt development) is also on the website (this is a large file, so if you have any problems downloading it you can ask the council to supply a hard copy). It sets out the reasons why the Green Belt land next to Redhill and Reigate is the best to build on.

Do take the time to read the Core Strategy and background papers and submit your views.  The consultation document is here: http://www.reigate-banstead.gov.uk/Images/CSFAConsultationDocument_tcm9-50309.pdf

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  1. Anne Leighs
    Posted Wednesday, 23 January 2013 at 9:15 pm | Permalink

    Unfortunately I didn’t find out about the open meeting at the Toby carvery until Sunday and due to other commitments could not attend. Whilst out with my dogs I met a couple of people who said they’d heard about this meeting but didn’t know who had organised it etc. I have submitted my comments on the Core Strategy to the Council. I am opposed to the development plans and would like to know how best I can be involved in the campaign to try and prevent it happening. I am not a Green Party member so I don’t know if this would prohibit me being involved. I do hope the meeting was well attended and some kind of action plan drawn up. Look forward to hearing from you.

    • Councillor Bryn Truscott
      Posted Thursday, 24 January 2013 at 9:21 am | Permalink

      Hi Anne
      Sorry you didn’t hear about the meeting until the last minute, but we would very much welcome your involvement. The Green Party organised the meeting, but the ongoing campaign is open to all. We are currently putting together an email about the campaign to send to people who gave us their email addresses on Monday. If you would like to receive it too, please email info@rbgp.org.uk, so we can add your address to the list.
      Best wishes

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