Redhill’s rail commuters face ultra-high price rises

The new season ticket prices for Redhill travellers are now out – and Reigate & Banstead Green Party has calculated that Redhill commuters will be much worse off as a result.

The full season ticket from Redhill to Travelcard zones 1-6 is to be £3,256*, up from £3,068, a rise of 6.1%.

Bryn Truscott, councillor for Redhill East, and a commuter, said: “Redhill’s 6.1% commuter rail fare rise is shocking. What has happened to David Cameron’s announcement last month that the average rise for the next two years would be capped at RPI** plus 1%?

“People in Redhill are already being badly hurt by the government’s disastrous economic mismanagement, council cuts and soaring energy bills.

“Despite the fact that our privatised railways receive larger subsidies than they ever did under British Rail, taxpayers are once again having to foot the bill for profits and overseas shareholders. The Green Party is firmly committed to re-nationalising the railways – and three quarters*** of British voters now agree with us.”


** October 2012 RPI stood at 3.2%

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