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Redhill’s rail commuters face ultra-high price rises

The new season ticket prices for Redhill travellers are now out – and Reigate & Banstead Green Party has calculated that Redhill commuters will be much worse off as a result. The full season ticket from Redhill to Travelcard zones 1-6 is to be £3,256*, up from £3,068, a rise of 6.1%.

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Caring for those important little places

The Victorian foot tunnel under the railway lines between Redstone Hill and Marketfield Way has been a thorn in the side of local residents for years now. It’s a vital route linking two parts of the town, yet it has long been distinctly dingy, strewn with litter and blighted by graffiti. The Council labelled it […]

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Academy schools – what we think of them

We keep being asked our opinion of ‘Academy Schools’ – the government’s scheme (started by the Labour government) to allow schools to opt out of local council control. Academy schools are basically state-funded private schools. We are against them in principle. We believe we should be improving the quality of every local school for all […]

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Free home insulation for all

We urge local residents to take advantage of the current offer of free insulation as energy prices rise and a predicted very cold winter approaches. We want to help people cut their energy use.  It will save you money and it’s good for the environment.  Insulating your cavity walls can save you between £120 – […]

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Redhill traffic plans: have your say

We would probably all agree that Redhill traffic can be a nightmare. Particularly at peak times. The council is looking at ways to improve this, and would like to hear your views on their current proposals. These proposals include conversion of the town centre one-way system to two-way, and changes to a number of important […]

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