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The landfill smell…. an update

People keep asking us for updates on the landfill smell and the Environment Agency’s investigation into it. Complaints about the smell have reduced a lot  now that Biffa has covered the part of the site where they failed to install gas collection pipes before. We are pressing the Environment Agency to release the results of […]

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Core Strategy adopted in 20-minute meeting

The Council’s Core Strategy was formally approved this evening. This had been postponed till after the recent local election, and an Extraordinary General Meeting of full Council was called for the purpose (apparently this doesn’t happen very often – a Councillor who has served for 12 years can’t remember it happening before in his time). […]

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Landfill smell: making sure the lessons are learned

Here, with apologies for slowness, is a report of my visit to the Biffa landfill on 12 May. Jonathan Essex and I visited the landfill site for an update on the works Biffa had undertaken to deal with the serious smell problem that blighted Redhill for several months this year. We met with the site […]

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Biffa Whiff: Public Health England publishes ‘interim advice’

Public Health England has published its interim assessment of potential health risks from the gases from the Redhill landfill site. They conclude that the levels of hydrogen sulphide and volatile organic compounds shown by the monitoring are “unlikely to pose an appreciable risk to nearby residents short or long term health”. They also acknowledge that […]

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Biffa whiff: Enforcement action and a need to “tighten up”

The Community Liaison meeting at the landfill site took place last Wednesday. This is a regular meeting which happens twice a year.  This time attendance was higher than usual, because of the major smell problems this year.  Five Biffa managers and three Environment Agency staff, including their landfill gas specialist, were there, along with two […]

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Biffa Landfill Site: Your questions for the Community Liaison meeting

The horrible smell from the landfill in Redhill is causing a serious nuisance and has gone on far too long. All of us who hoped for a quick resolution when the Environment Agency first stepped in and required Biffa to produce an action plan are disappointed. Seven weeks on, the smell is as bad as […]

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Landfill smell: EA to review enforcement strategy this week

The smell from the Biffa landfill is bad again today, two months after the recent problems started. We continue to liaise with the Environment Agency, chasing them to resolve the problem as fast as possible, as do others including the local MPs.

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Battlebridge primary school gets the go-ahead

Surrey County Council yesterday gave planning permission to the new primary school proposed for Battlebridge Lane in north Redhill. The proposal has been highly controversial, largely because of the lack of transparency over how the site was selected and the Councils’ extraordinary failure to communicate openly with local councillors and residents. Last November, the Reigate […]

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Battlebridge primary school: decision day 26 Feb

The controversial proposal to build a primary school on Battlebridge Lane will go to Surrey County Council planning committee tomorrow, Wednesday 26 February. A number of residents have asked for advice about how to attend and object.

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Can we talk about climate change now?

Everyone is talking about the floods so here is our contribution. Our hearts go out to everyone whose lives are being devastated by the current floods. I am sure we all welcome the Prime Minister’s promise to everything he can to help, both with the relief effort and in building a more resilient country for […]

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