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Parking update

Parking issues are probably raised more often than any others, with many residents finding it difficult to park near their homes because of commuters and shoppers parking in local roads. There are no easy answers to this thorny problem, and we are very aware that no solution is going to work for everybody.  The only […]

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Airports Commission report backs third Heathrow runway

The Airports Commission report, published today (1 July), has backed a third runway at Heathrow, saying it will add £147bn in economic growth and 70,000 jobs by 2050. This proposal from Howard Davies is deeply disappointing. His proposal for a third runway at Heathrow would see local communities further blighted by noise and air pollution […]

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Proposed cuts to bus services

Surrey County Council is proposing to make cuts to its local transport budget to the tune of  £2 million by 2017/18.  The proposals will be discussed at the Cabinet meeting next Tuesday (23 June). You can see the report that will be presented to the meeting here:

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Improving walking, cycling and bus facilities – have your say

Surrey County Council wants residents’ views on its proposals to improve walking, cycling and bus facilities between Redhill, Reigate, Woodhatch and along the A23 towards Horley and Gatwick. The aim is to make it easier for people to travel between Redhill, Earlswood, East Surrey Hospital, Whitebushes, Salfords, the new housing developments in Horley and Gatwick […]

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Redhill’s new road layout: less congestion now, more in the future?

Many residents have contacted us with concerns about the new road layout in Redhill. I welcome the improved facilities for walking, cycling and buses. But welcome as they are, these weren’t the reason for the change from one-way to two-way traffic. That was done to avoid complete gridlock resulting from the quadrupling of supermarket capacity […]

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Small improvements

This year we have secured a number of local highway improvements in Redhill East. Most are small and very local – but we hope that together they make a difference to the local environment.

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Greens welcome incinerator u-turn by Surrey County Council

Surrey County Council have just announced their decision to cancel plans to build a highly polluting incinerator at Charlton Lane in Spelthorne, Surrey. The plan to hide an incinerator in a so-called ‘Eco-Park’ was exposed in October 2010. This proposed not just an incinerator (which had been successfully challenged before in Redhill and Capel) but a […]

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Housing on Redhill and Reigate’s Green Belt?

You may have heard about plans to build 700 new homes east of Redhill and then a further 700 south west of Reigate/Woodhatch – both on the Green Belt – as well as 200 more on greenfield land on the outskirts of Horley.

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House-builders lead national housing policy

In the past year we joined many others in challenging the government’s new approach to planning, which was written by developers (as exposed by the Daily Telegraph). The government shaved our national planning policies from 1,300 to 52 pages, cutting many safeguards. In doing so it changed the priority of planning from managing development according […]

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Free home insulation for all

We urge local residents to take advantage of the current offer of free insulation as energy prices rise and a predicted very cold winter approaches. We want to help people cut their energy use.  It will save you money and it’s good for the environment.  Insulating your cavity walls can save you between £120 – […]

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