Let’s make Reigate a Fairtrade Town

This month Fairtrade, the UK’s most visible ethical label, celebrates it’s 25th birthday. In Reigate an Action group is being formed to take Reigate towards ‘Fairtrade town’ status as a way to celebrate the achievements of the past 25 years of Fairtrade but also to continue to promote Fairtrade products and inform local people about the importance of the choices they make when purchasing their favourite products.

On Thursday 31st October, Green Cllr Ruth Ritter (pictured right) put a Motion to Reigate and Banstead Council asking for the support needed from the Council to help achieve the 5 goals required to become a Fairtrade town. The aim is to work towards the whole Borough achieving this status.

Awareness is at an all-time high, 9 out of 10 people, nationally, know the Fairtrade Mark and it is trusted by 84% of consumers. From modest beginnings in 1994, the Fairtrade Mark is now visible on around 5,000 Fairtrade-certified products on sale for people in the UK.

That’s because of the weight of support from British people for the farmers and workers who produce our favourite things. The public don’t want exploitation to be part of their purchases and by choosing Fairtrade they are giving farmers a chance to escape poverty. Today over 1.66 million farmers and workers around the world benefit from sales of Fairtrade products, both directly through fair wages and better working conditions, or indirectly via an additional sum of money that goes directly to the community, the Fairtrade Premium.

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