Motion on climate change at tonight’s Council meeting

At the Reigate & Banstead Council meeting tonight, the Green Councillors are tabling a Motion on Climate Change – and asking questions on the future of children’s services in the Borough with proposed closure of all our Children’s Centres; the future of Earlswood Common when Reigate Golf Club closes; Green Belt protection and provision of affordable housing.

The meeting starts at 7.30pm at the Town Hall in Reigate.  You can watch it via webcast – or come along and watch the proceedings.

Webcast link:

Climate Change Motion

The Climate Change Motion asks the Council to to commit to greater and more urgent action on climate change, in light of the IPCC Special Report on Global Warming published in October 2018, which stated that we have just 12 years to act on climate change if global temperature rises are to be kept within the recommended 1.5 degrees Celsius.

The Motion asks the Council to update its 2010 Carbon Management Plan and set a carbon neutral target. You can see the text of the Motion here


The questions are as follows:

Children’s services

Cllr Hal Brown will ask:

Surrey County Council has proposed that four Children’s Centres in the Borough of Reigate & Banstead cease to provide Children’s Centre services and be “re-purposed” for alternative provision, so will no longer operate as Surrey County Council funded Children’s Centres. These centres are: Dover’s Green Sure Start Children’s Centre; Horley Community Sure Start Children’s Centre; Steppingstones Sure Start Children’s Centre; and YMCA Sure Start Children’s Centre in Banstead. This change means there is no longer local coverage in all parts of the Borough. And there is no assurance that the range of services currently offered by the Children’s Centres now will continue in the future.

In his maiden speech, the Leader of Reigate and Banstead Borough Council pledged to support Children’s Centres across the Borough. Please confirm what support has been provided so far and what form this will take in the future.

Earlswood Common

Hal will also ask:

It was recently announced that Redhill & Reigate Golf Club will be closing as of March 31st 2019 due to financial difficulties, which means that management of the land will revert back to the Council. In response the Council has stated publicly that it will manage the land until it finds “a viable alternative solution”. In addition, we note that this common land is designated as a Local Nature Reserve, so future management plans should also provide an opportunity to increase the wildlife value of the common, and be reflected in the Management Plan for Earlswood Common as a whole.

Could you confirm what ‘viable alternative solutions’ are being considered, including taking resident’s views on board, and confirm retention of the Council’s commitment to manage this as both common land and a nature reserve.

Development Management Plan 

Cllr Steve McKenna will ask:

Following the recent examination hearings into the emerging Reigate and Banstead DMP, the Inspector Helen Hockenhull requested that the Council consult on major modifications to the Plan including the removal of the Redhill Aerodrome site. In addition the Inspector asked the Council to specify how many houses are planned on each of the sites proposed in the greenbelt.

Will the Council agree that there is now a great opportunity to revisit the DMP and make major modifications, including:

  1. reviewing and assessing densities and numbers of homes on sites in the urban area, including in public transport corridors and town centres, and therefore
  2. increasing the quantity of affordable housing significantly which will help make up the shortfall of homes in this category, whilst
  3. relieving pressure on the Green Belt by reviewing those further sites being proposed there  as a result of more units at higher density being created on urban land.


Affordable housing provision

Cllr Jonathan Essex will ask:

Will the Council agree that to address the affordability gap in our area they should take more direct action to create homes in urban areas by using our powers to fund and build more homes including genuinely affordable housing and where possible that the Council should undertake to acquire sites and provide developments to ensure there is adequate future supply of land for housing including affordable homes at the full policy requirement.





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