Garden cities, Redhill Aerodrome and investing in companies: Our questions to the Council

The Green Councillors have tabled three questions to tonight’s meeting of Reigate and Banstead Borough Council. The usual procedure is that the Council Executive member with the relevant portfolio will read out an answer, then we will have the right to ask a supplementary question.

If you’d like to hear the answers, you can watch the webcast here:

The meeting begins at 7.30pm.

Cllr Steve McKenna will ask:

In the response to the National Planning Policy Framework consultation, which is attached to the letter to the Planning Inspector concerning the Council’s Development Management Plan, the Council stated the following; “we would like to see the previous commitment to garden village principles being reinstated” and …“a commitment‎ to garden city principles is not set out anywhere else in government”. This was shared to all councillors as a public document but we understand that there is intention to place this on the Council’s website.

Why is the Conservative leadership of this Council pushing for this change to the National Planning Policy Framework, which will encourage large scale development of housing in the Green Belt, amongst other places?

Also, why does the Council refer to a garden city as opposed to a garden village, which sounds like an endorsement of large-scale development in the countryside?


Cllr Hal Brown will ask:

Local Conservative councillors recently stated their opposition to plans to build on and around Redhill Aerodrome, yet last time they had an opportunity to vote on this issue, in December 2017, the vast majority of Conservatives voted in favour of the plans to safeguard this land to be built on for houses after 2026 as part of the Council’s Development Management Plan. More recently, the Council’s ruling Executive supported minor changes to the Development Management Plan but no changes to plans to safeguard the land around the Aerodrome as the only proposed location beyond the plan period. Can you clarify whether the position of the Conservative administration has changed since the plan was voted upon in December?


Cllr Jonathan Essex will ask:

The Council’s interest in the Pathway for Care company has changed over the past few months from a 1.1 million loan to a 1.1 million stake in shares of two companies, which may be redeemed in 5 years’ time. Please can you provide a breakdown of the total amount that the Council has invested in Pathway for Care to date, the number of people that have taken up each of the services offered by the company so far, and what the expected return on that investment will be until these shares are redeemed?


Watch the meeting online at 7.30pm

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