DMP: We propose new development policies and object to Green Belt release

East Surrey Green Party submitted a response to Reigate & Banstead Borough Council’s Development Management Plan (DMP) Regulation 19 consolation.

We do not believe that the DMP in its current form is sound.

The DMP doesn’t set any density targets. If it required higher density at development sites (with different targets depending on the type of area), and by completing its Brownfield Site Register, including other sites known to be developable in the urban areas, the Council could meet its housing targets without needing to build on Green Belt land.

We have identified additional sites, which together with increased density on sites already in the plan, could deliver an additional 1,200–1,600 homes that are deliverable in the plan period in the urban areas of the borough. This would remove the need to build on the Green Belt or ‘safeguard’ land for thousands of homes around Redhill Aerodrome.

Furthermore, building at higher densities (including in more sustainable locations, with lower parking provision) would enable more genuinely affordable housing to be provided. We note that the Council’s local authority owned property company could be used to facilitate such schemes, potentially through establishing a Community Land Trust to ensure that social rents are secured for such homes over the long-term.

Our response is in four parts:

  • Comments on Plan policies. We propose additional policies on dwelling density, tall buildings, townscape and self-build homes, and significant change to the policy on affordable homes.
  • Comments on specific sites. This focuses on the ‘sustainable urban extension’ sites, Horley Business Park, and the proposed ‘Redhill Aerodrome’ site.
  • Proposed additional sites for housing
  • Wider conclusions regarding the need for Green Belt release and affordable home provision during and beyond the plan period.

Read our response here

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