Council proposes to ‘safeguard’ Redhill Aerodrome… for housing

At its meeting next Thursday, 9 November 2017, Reigate & Banstead Borough Council’s Executive will discuss the latest draft of the Council’s Local Plan and whether to send it for consultation and submission to the Secretary of State.

Since the previous version of the Local Plan was consulted on, the Council has added a new Proposed Policy Approach: ‘MLS2 Safeguarding Land for Development Beyond the Plan Period’.

The Council is earmarking Redhill Aerodrome for housing development after 2027.

The Aerodrome is in the Green Belt and so is currently off limits for development. Local campaigners have fought many battles to preserve this site from various threats, mainly from intensified aviation and recently from a ‘garden village’ proposed by Tandridge District CouncilNow the proposal is to remove it from the Green Belt and build houses on it.

You can access the consultation documents at  To read about the new proposed policy approach, go to agenda item 7, download ‘Annex A DMP’ and see page 209.

The Proposals Map below shows the site – see the area of black diagonal stripes in the bottom right hand corner.

Urban extensions

The plan also includes detailed policies following public comments – and it still has significant housing allocated in the Green Belt. The patches of blue diagonal stripes to the east of Redhill, south west of Reigate and east of Merstham are the proposed ‘urban extensions’, that we have been opposing for some years now.

The local Green Party and many others objected to this overall approach, and proposed alternative sites for housing. And as planning permission for housing in the urban areas has been given in the meantime, there is even less justification for urban extensions than there was earlier.

Read the Council’s Media Briefing Note online:

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  1. Raymond
    Posted Tuesday, 13 February 2018 at 4:32 pm | Permalink

    Can I suggest this document as good background reading to inform opposition to future development at Redhill Aerodrome :…/safeguarded_land_report_final_dec17.pdf

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