Greens welcome incinerator u-turn by Surrey County Council

Surrey County Council have just announced their decision to cancel plans to build a highly polluting incinerator at Charlton Lane in Spelthorne, Surrey.

The plan to hide an incinerator in a so-called ‘Eco-Park’ was exposed in October 2010.

This proposed not just an incinerator (which had been successfully challenged before in Redhill and Capel) but a new type of incinerator, the only existing example of which, in Scotland, has consistently breached emissions regulations for dioxins, a poisonous chemical.

Now Surrey plan to  generate energy through environmentally-friendly anaerobic digestion.

Surrey County Council must finally give up on their plans for incineration of waste and invest in further improving reuse and recycling instead. When most of what is left in our household bins after we’ve recycled what we can is plastic, then the big opportunity is to work with businesses to cut this packaging waste, not to create pollution by burning it.

We challenge Surrey to finally show the courage to stop putting in applications for incinerators and commit to lead in reuse and recycling that creates more jobs.

Instead of pouring money into polluting technologies it is time to show the required leadership to renegotiate the waste contract to achieve zero waste without incineration, once and for all.

> Read more about Surrey’s u-turn on the LOSRA website

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