Caroline Lucas MP adds spice to Surrey Greens’ campaigns

Caroline Lucas MP at Mela, Redhill

Caroline Lucas MP interviewed by Newsnight while at Surrey Green Party dinner

Caroline Lucas was the star attraction at a Green Party fundraising dinner in Redhill last month.

70 Green Party members and supporters from across Surrey came to hear the Green Party leader and Brighton MP, and to enjoy a tasty three course dinner at local Indian restaurant, Mela.

Campaigning in Westminster…

Caroline spoke about her first two years as an MP. There were some surprises in store when she arrived at Westminster – for example the fact that new MPs are given a hook to hang their swords on, but no office.

Some parliamentary traditions were puzzling after her experience as a member of the European Parliament – for example that the Speaker can arbitrarily decide which amendments to a bill get tabled.

The tradition of voting by filing through lobbies was another shock – Caroline said this is time-wasting and confusing, with many MPs simply following orders from their party whips, with no idea what they are voting on.  She has been leading campaigns to update some of our arcane and anti-democratic traditions.

… and locally

Caroline spoke of the importance of elected Greens at all levels, and the good work done by Green Councillors in Redhill and around the country.

Experience at Brighton and elsewhere has shown that where one Green is elected, others follow. Caroline urged local Party members to campaign actively to get more people elected across Surrey.

Green Councillor Sarah Finch said, “This was our first local fundraising event and it was a a great success. We’re very grateful to Caroline Lucas for coming, to all the local businesses who donated raffle prizes, and to everyone who came along and helped create such a positive atmosphere.

“The money raised will go towards expenses in the local elections coming up in May.  We have six candidates standing in Reigate & Banstead and will be counting on local members to help us campaign.”

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